Wednesday market at Santo Stefano Belbo

The Wednesday market in Santo Stefano Belbo is well worth a visit. You can find everything from tools to all kinds of delicious cheese, herbs and meat. It usually opens around 8 am and closes around 12 am so make sure not to miss it. Walk around and just enjoy the atmosphere, buy some fresh apricots or the meaty sun warm beef tomatoes.

If you had a nice long Tuesday evening with wine and food and didn’t make it, there are plenty of new opportunities in some of the other nearby villages:

Weekly Markets 

Monday- Monforte d’Alba, La Morra, Mango
Tuesday- Dogliani, Canale d’Alba, Canelli
Wednesday- Neive, Santo Stefano Belbo
Thursday- Castagnole delle Lanze
Friday- Bra, Cortemilia, Murazzano
Saturday- Alba, Asti
Sunday- Costigliole d’Asti