Langhe DOC Freisa

Lable Freisa 6x9 baseThis wine is a compact and ruby-red still wine with a nose of prunes and spices together with toasted oak. It has an important level of tannic especially the young wines. We, as a contradiction to most Freisa wines, mature the wine for up to 18 months in French oak barrels. After a few years of additional maturing in its bottle, it will develop a harmonious taste of red berries, spices, and oak.

Oak matured Langhe DOC Freisa is a full-bodied powerful wine and a perfect match for red meats, games and aged cheeses.

The wine is best served at around 18°C. It can be drunk young, but two to four years of further maturing will for sure develop and round the wine further. Pour the wine into a decanter preferable using a funnel before serving. The wine can be stored for more than 10 years.

The Freisa grape has been cultivated for many years in Piedmont. It is still not very well-known outside of Italy, but this is now changing as its distribution outside Italy has increased in recent years.

  • Grape variety:  100% Freisa
  • Vineyard planted: 1998 (0.7 hectares)
  • Viticulture area: 5500 m2 south exposed vineyard 375 m above sea level
    in Frazione Valdivilla, Santo Stefano Belbo
  • Soil: Sand and limestones
  • Climate: Cold winters with normal seasonal progression. Good rainfall, especially in the fall, summers are warm and dry with good humidity
  • Pruning: Traditional Guyot’
  • Harvest: Harvested by hand. Freisa is usually harvested at the end of September or beginning of October.
  • Vinification: After destemming, i.e. removing the grapes from the rachis, and crushed the fermentation and maceration takes place with several daily over pumps for about 12-14 days at a temperature of about 30 °C. After the malolactic fermentation, the wine transferred to French oak barrels – partly tonneau and partly barriques. The storage lasts for about 18 months. After the bottling, the wine stored for at least 6 months before the wine is released for sale
  • Annual production: Approximately 2800 bottles