Assortment Lange Freisa

Langhe DOC Freisa

This wine is a compact and ruby-red still wine with a nose of prunes and spices together with roasted oak. It has an important level of tannic especially the young wines. We, as a contradiction to most Freisa wines, mature the wine for up to 18 months in French oak barrels. After few years of…

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Assortment Barolo

Barolo DOCG

This Ca’Barun Barolo DOCG is from the famous cru vineyard “Rocce de Castiglione” in Castiglione di Falletto. It is matured approx. 30 months in French oak barrels. It has deep a ruby-red color with light orange tinges; though starting to become garnet-red intense. The bouquet is wide and intense hinting at red fruits combined with vanilla, spices and touch…

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Langhe DOC Pinot Nero

The 2017 year was the first Pinot Nero that we made. We like this fruity and complex grape variety, and the challenges that it gives both in the vineyard and vinery. This is a wine based on our excitement of this extremely popular, but equally challenging and delicate grape. The choice was also preceded by…

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Barbaresco DOCG

Ca’Barun Barbaresco DOCG is from the town Treso. The color is ruby red and light. On the nose it is open and youthful. The taste is fruity, elegant, refined, with medium to low tannin and average in acidity. On the palate it is layered and has blackberry and mineral flavor. The finish is long and…

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Roero Arneis DOCG

Typical indiginus Piedmontese white wine obtained from the same named vine, grown on the sandy of Roero hills. It has a pale yellow colour with accentuated a greenish tinge; The smell has very fruity bouquet, pleasant and delicate. The taste is dry without bitterness and elegant. Roero Arneis is an excellent as an aperitif or…

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