TLable Pinot 6x9 basehe 2017 year was the first Pinot Nero that we made. We like this fruity and complex grape variety, and the challenges that it gives both in the vineyard and vinery.

This is a wine based on our excitement of this extremely popular, but equally challenging and delicate grape. The choice was also preceded by the fact that the vineyard in Valdivilla is ideal for the Pinot Nero grape thanks to its great exposure, but also for the ideal soil. With sand, veins of limestone tufa it is perfect for guaranteeing the right mineral content and fullness of the fruit.

We will only produce approx. 1000 bottles of the 2017 year. The following years we expect to produce approx. 2000 bottles. We expect to release the 2017 version to the market by end of 2018.