“La cantinetta di Barun” is our recently opened Enoteca and wine bar in Neive located in Al Palazzo Rosso.

We have carefully selected approx. 130 different wines from smaller producers in Piemonte all with a story to tell. We have both famous Barbaresco-/Barolo wineries and from less knowN upcoming wineries. The wines come from all over in Piemonte – from small excellent Nebbiolo producers of the Gattinara, Boca and Bramaterra DOC’s in Alto Piemonte (North Piemonte close the Swiss alps) to producers from Monferrato, Roero, but of course the majority of the wines coming from Langhe.

We only select wines from wineries that we actual visited and consequently get to know the winemaker and understand their philosophy behind the bottles. This is very important to us and we believe this help us to stand our as an Enoteca and wine bar.

Apart from being an Enoteca, where customers can buy wines and get help to select the wines that match their taste and desire best, La cantinetta di Barun is also a cozy wine bar. Our guests can taste all our wines by glass – from the cheapest wines to the very important wines. This gives our guests an excellent opportunity try different wines and learn more about the Piemonte wines.

We have developed several wine tasting menus with different teams – like Bianchi del Piemonte, Rossi del Piemonte, Uvaggi meno noti (less-known grapes), Tour del Nebbiolo, 5 cru del Barolo, Degustazione alla cieca (blind tasting), and Barbaresco vs Barolo

We can of course also personalize a tasting for you- just ask our sommelier and he will put together the perfect tasting for you.

To accompany a wine tasting we can prepare plates (tagliere) with local ham, salami and cheese, and Pane-Burro-Acciughe (Bread-Butter- Anchovies).

From time to time we organize more important tastings for smaller groups of wine lovers – either in the Enoteca in Neive or at Ca’Barun in Santo Stefano Belbo

Should you want to join our mailing list and receive invitations for wine tasting, special wines offer etc. then please send sign up for our mailing list.

You find La cantinetta di Barun on Piazza Italia 6 in Neive.

Some of our brands: Alberto Oggero, Antonio Bellicoso, Apeca, Azelia, Barbaglia, Bosco Pierangelo, Bruno Giacosa, Bruno Rocca, Burzi, Ca’ d’Gal, Ca’Barun, Cantina del Bricchetto di Franco Rocca, Cantina del Pino, Cascina Bric 460, Cascina del Rosone, Cascina delle Rose, Cascina Fontana, Cascina Galarin, Cascina Nielsen, Cascina Roccalini, Cascina San Michele, Cascina Vigna, Casina Sót, Cavolotto, Chiussuma, Diego Morra, E. Pira & Figli Chiara Boscis, Enzo Boglietti, Fletcher, Francesco Versio, Fratelli Grasso, Gabarino Roberto, Gaja, Giacomo Fennochio, Giulia Negri, Giuseppe Cortese, Guido Porro, La Colombera, La Tribuleira, Lano, Lapo Berti, Luca Caligaris, Luca Marenco, Marc Alberto, Marchesy di Gresy, Marco Capra, Marco Pettirino, Molino, Morra Gabriele, Odilio Antoniotti, Paitin, Paul Balke, Piero Busso, Poderia Colla, Qimisola, Sciorio, Serafino Rivella, Sottimano, Tamburnin, Ugo Lequio, Uvamatris, Valfaccenda,

In addition, we have a small selection of wines from outside Piemonte, including Bourgogne, Champagne, Sicily, Toscany, Jura.