CA'BARUNLanghe DOC Pinot Nero

Ca'Barun Langhe DOC Pinot Nero
Ca'Barun Langhe DOC Pinot Nero

100% Pinot Nero

Valdivilla, Santo Stefano Belbo. Approx. 330 masl. The vineyard was planted in 2015

The soil is primarily sandy calcareous marl

Cultivation system:

Manual harvested into small boxes towards end of August

Approx. 12 days alcoholic fermentation and 15-20 days maceration in steel tanks with over pumping 3 times a day. After the malolactic fermentation and maceration, the wine is poured into French 500 liters oak barrels (tonneau), which are 1-3 years old, for approx. 9 months before the wine is bottled. Before releasing the wine, the bottles are stored in the cellar for at least 6 months

Annual production:
Approximately 2000 bottles

The color is beautiful dark red

The bouquet has noticeably dark fruits with notes of blackberries, blackcurrants, and raspberries

The taste replicates the nose with the same fruits and with hints of pepper. It has a long, pleasant aftertaste

Serving temperature: 

Food pairings:
Pinot Nero is one of the most versatile red wines to match with food and a great option in a restaurant when one of you is eating meat and the other fish.

There are ingredients that will pair with very well with Pinot Nero such as beef, duck and mushrooms (risotto) and others, such as salmon or tuna

Storage potential: 
Can be stored for at least 10-15 years, and gets deeper with the years