CA'BARUNVermouth di Torino

Ca'Barun Vermouth di Torino
Ca'Barun Vermouth di Torino

100% Freisa

Valdivilla, Santo Stefano Belbo. The vineyard was planted in 1998

The soil is primarily sandy calcareous marl

Cultivation system:

Manual harvested into small boxes towards end of  September or beginning of October

A finished Freisa wine is made which is then further processed into Vermouth. In that process, approx. 14% sugar, and a symphony of natural extracts of herbs and spices, as well as alcohol so that it reaches approx. 18-degree alcohol

Annual production:
Approximately 1000 bottles

Compact ruby ​​red

The use of herbs and spices gives a significant intensity, and it is immediately perceived that it is vermouth with “body”. Notes of orange peel and sage are immediately recognized

You sense a classic almost “old school” red vermouth with notes of cherry, orange and sage. Bitter herbs dominate over spices (most of all pink pepper), while making room for the sweetness of the cherry, the sour but delicate currants and the freshness of sweet orange. In general, the taste is intense, but also quite soft. This Vermouth’s strong personality is also due to the liveliness of the base wine – Langhe Freisa

Serving temperature: 

Food pairings and how to drink:
Used historically as an ingredient in Italian cuisine e.g., in the classic broth and in desserts. Vermouth can be enjoyed for a good chocolate. A never banal but always special companion is a good Piemonte-gianduiotto chocolate that brings us back with sweet nostalgia to old and majestic Turin.

Vermouth is popular for mixing in drinks, including Negroni, Negroni Sbagliatto, Manhattan and Americano

Storage potential:
The vermouth is ready to drink when released. It can easily last 5-10 years. If you open a bottle of vermouth, it can last for several months without losing character