We arePassion For Wine

Ca’Barun is a small independent producer and wine supplier of quality wine all made in Piedmont. Over the years our wines have become very appreciated by wine lovers from different corners of the world. The key to the success is based on Peter’s passion for wine and three essential “values”:

  • Being faithful to the authenticity of the past but it also keeps a straight look at a sustainable future. This include a minimum use of chemicals in both the vineyard and vinery.
  • Give the wine a personal touch with respect to terroir and local winemaking tradition.
  • and provide a positive wine experience to the drinkers.
  • Supply wine in small to medium quantities to secure the quality and stay close to the users.
  • And not least we aim art provide a positive and enjoyable wine experiences to our consumers – both when drinking the wine and visiting us.

Our mission is to supply passioned made quality wine that are highly appreciated by our customers based on grapes that origins from Piedmont or have a long history in Piedmont.

ExploreThe Story

The first part of the house was buildIt is not sure when the house exactly was build, but it would be around year 1800.. The house was build as a rather small stonehouse in he middle of the hill. over the years the house was enlarged, both in its length, in is dept and and also a additional floor was added.
The Ca'Barun vineyard was renovated and planted with Freisa and DolcettoThe Barun vineyard was renovated and Freisa and Dolcetto were planted.
Peter Thomsen acquires the Ca'BarunOn June 26th 2007 Peter Thomsen acquires Ca'Barun.
Launching Langhe DOC Freisa and Dolcetto d'Alba DOCIn 1998 - the year after the Wine Estate was acquired - we launched the first Ca'Barun produced wines from our wineyards in front of the Wine Estate
Launching Barolo DOCG We decided to add a Barolo wine to our portfolio of wines. The Barolo comes from the famous wineyard "Rocche di Castiglione" in Castiglione Faletto
Inauguration of the new wine cellarThe new wine cellar was added to house and is located 1 floor below the house to the right side of the house. With soil on three of the sides the cellar is a perfect location to mange the temperature when produce wine and store wine.
Launching Barbaresco DOCG Ca'Barun launched Barbaresco 2014 coming from a vineyard in Tresio
Launching Roero Arneis DOCG and Metodo ClassicoIn 2018 additional two wines were added to the portfolio - a Roero Arneis DOCG and a Metodo Classico - enlarging the Ca'Barun wine selection to 6 wines.
Launching Vermouth di TorinoLaunching a Vermouth di Torino Rosso made with our Freisa wine

The Vineyard

The Ca’Barun vineyard is located in Valdivilla. It is optimal south-positioned 375 m above sea level. It covers 1 hectors land of which approx 55% is planted with the Freisa and 45% with Pinot Nero. Freisa was planted in 1997 and Pinot Nero in 2015.

The soil is limestone and chalky and is being rich of sea fossils.

The work in the vineyard is done manual as the steep sloes prevent the use of machines. We have a sustainable and honest production with minimum use of chemicals, and only in critical circumstances.